Heading North



Hey guys,

this is my first post in my english blog. For the German version go to http://www.docmatti.wordpress.com

I’m just starting and I’ll continue writing regularily…

Well, it’s now more than half a year that we left Bahrain. Somehow we were sad to leave the wonderful people we met and who became close friends (thank you so much!!) . At the other hand were we very excited to discover new places, to have new challenges.

After a wonderful journey that took us through Jordan, Istanbul, Russia and Germany were we heading north, to Sweden. (I will describe this journey later on.)

There were different reasons why we had chosen Sweden. The most important reason was that I want to continue and finish my specialization in Family Medicine. But as important as this is my wish to have a family life and in Germany are the conditions (not only) for doctors quite bad right now…

But I don’t want to complain too much, it’s also our nature to be courious and to discover new things.

After long time and preparations (the Swedish authorities are very very slow) could I sign a contract. The destination was Falun in the Province of Dalarna, Middle-Sweden.


Berlin to Sweden

After buying a car in Ingolstadt, visiting our friends Verena, Ibrahim and Jusha we filled the car up to the top with our stuff: clothes (especially for the winter), books, food,… everything. We knew that Sweden will be much more expensive.


Waiting for the ferry from Rostock (D) to Trelleborg (S)


The way to Rostock at the Baltic Sea was short, the trip with the ferry relaxing and in the evening could we enjoy a walk through Trelleborg, the southernmost city of Sweden. After a night in a Hotel we  reached our destination Falun after more than 700 km in the evening…


The Start

It was a bit exhausting in the beginning. In Falun and many other Cities in Sweden exist a huge lack of apartments. If you’re looking for a flat they can put you on a list but it can take long time and the flats are still expensive. In bigger cities like Stockholm is it possible that people have to wait 15 or 20 years!!! That sounds a bit socialistic and reminds me of what the people in the former GDR (former East-Germany) did: When I was born  my Dad decided to apply for a car that I could get (maybe) when I was 20 years old! And now Sweden..? Sweden had indeed a period of socialist-like policy. It didn’r really work but there is still a big influence of that experiment on the Swedish society today! But I will describe this later…

Due to the lack of apartments (it was not possible to get an apartment for September 2015) we decided to lower our standarts and expectations which were high because of our experiences in Bahrain. AirBnB was the only option to get a bed – and this was literally one bed. We had found a guy who was living in a small apartment that belonged to a student’s accomodation and he was willing to let us live there while he was travelling abroad.

It was a room of maybe 12 sqm with a bed (for one person) and a sofa. The sofa was too short so we had to sleep both on the bed. “The cell” (I cannot call it an apartment) had a “kitchen” in the short corridor and a bathroom but when someone was staying in the “kitchen” nobody could pass towards the bathroom or the maindoor.


This was the view for one month… and around 13 boxes should be still delivered from Bahrain.


The bed felt as if an elephant had been sitting on it: it was so soft that we could get backpain. It had several layers of matresses and we didn’t understand the sense of this strange system. My Swedish teacher explained later that the Swedes have a very special construction which is actually hard to understand why and how…

Anyway, the room was actually too small to stay more than 2 nights and with all our boxes and bags it looked more like a storeroom or a cellar room than an apartment. It was depressing…

To be continued soooon!